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Birmingham International 2014

Gold for Blackrock and Tallanstown Ireland Wadokai

The Birmingham International karate competition was held in Cannock, Staffordshire and hosted by David Jillings and Phil Hale of Chase Wadokai.

“This is a well run friendly event, much loved by the English and Irish alike. Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do Renmei (IWKR) attend this event every year and once again it proved to be a great day for all who attended. This competition is the first event we put on our calender every year,” Tommy Marrett (president of Ireland Wadokai).

The tournament consisted of a number of categories in both kata (form) and kumite (fighting), This event was the biggest so far since the first one six years ago.

Individual Kata started first with john mc Guinness winning bronze in the (under 10 years division), Niamh Maye bronze (under 12 years), David O’Donnell bronze (men’s senior black belt). Masa Maye became Irelands first champion of the day taken gold in the (Woman’s senior kata) and gold in the (Master’s kata).

Next was pair and team event’s with Niamh and Quinlan Maye bringing home silver in (pair kata) and then Masa, Niamh and Quinlan Maye achieved a third title for the squad winning gold in the (team kata) section.

The second part of the day was the kumite and first stepping onto the mat was Conor Rafferty who fought very hard and won a well-deserved bronze medal in the boys (under 12 years), Niamh Maye showed superior fighting ability with hands and feet to take home Ireland’s fourth gold medal in girls (under 12 years) and John McGuinness also stepped into combat as last year’s fighting champ to see if he could successfully defend his title in a division where all would be looking to defeat him, but John rose to the Occasion bringing the Irish karate team a fifth first place winning gold in the boys (under 10 years) kumite and becoming Ireland’s first kumite competitor to win gold back to back two years in a row.

Tommy Marrett, head of Ireland Wadokai was one of the referees on the day and John McGuinness senior who was head coach on the day said; “I am very happy with all the performances and the results of all the members in the Squad. All their hard work and preparation has paid off.”

All the competitors who travelled to Birmingham to compete, train in Blackrock and Tallanstown IWKR clubs.

Ireland Wadokai Birmingham winners

Ireland Wadokai Birmingham winners

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